Committee Chairs


Approval and Classification    Chair:
Attendance    Chair:
Blacks Run Cleanup    Chair: Quinton Callahan
Code of Ethics Awards    Co-chairs: Andy Vanhook, Lynn Diveley
Contract Review    Chair: Tom Jackson
Development and Retention    Chair:
Global Service    Co-chairs: Lynn Diveley, Valerie Weaver
Grant Review    Chair: Winston Weaver

Family of Rotary    Chair: Valerie Weaver
Financial Records Review    Chair: Mike Garber
Interact    Chair:
International Youth Exchange/Projects    Chair: Robyn Neupauer
Invocation and Song    Co-chairs: Les Helmuth, Marshall Yoder
Literacy    Chair: 
Matching Grant Proposals    Chair: Sue Totty
Mentoring Program    Chair: Chester Bradfield
One Great Day of Sharing    Chair: Wayne Witmer
Orientation    Chair: Robyn Neupauer
Public Image    Chair: John Mather
Rotaract    Chair: Jonah Pence
                     JMU Liaison    
                     EMU Liaison   Braydon Hoover

Rotary Foundation    Chair: Ken Horst
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)    Braydon Hoover
Scholarships    Co-chairs: Mike Mendez, Sue Totty
Skelton-Jones Scholarships    Chair: Lynn Diveley
Strawberry Festival    Chair: Dave Larson
ValleyFest       Co-chairs: Andy Vanhook, Quinton Callahan
Youth and Rural-Urban Relations    Co-chairs: Dreama Long, John Rosenberger
Youth Protection Coordinator    Chair: Whit Krumm


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